This week TU Delft is participating in the Dutch “Week of Work Stress” by offering various workshops and activities for their employees to join. 🏫📝💃🏻
The topics surround work-related stress 😬, work-life balance ⚖️ and relaxation 🧘🏾‍♀️
Being a long term follower of the productivity fandom and being placed in much more stress and unmotivation through social distancing, I joined all of the interesting sounding workshops I could find time for 😄

In this post I want to share my notes from the second workshop I joined: “How do you manage your eating behaviour in times of stress?”.
If you’re interested, also check out my notes about “Brain Gym: focus & dealing with distractions” 😊


Workshop notes page 1 Workshop notes page 2 Workshop notes page 3 Workshop notes page 3